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Green Coo­ling Af­ri­ca In­itia­ti­ve on track

01.04.2017 , News :

Kenya, Namibia and Ghana have completed their Tier 2 IPCC RAC sector inventories after data verification workshops held in February and March 2017. The inventories will be used to create technological roadmaps to support future funding and mitigation activities in the countries' RAC sectors.

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The respective inventories in Kenya, Namibia and Ghana were carried out under the Green Cooling Africa Initiative (GCAI). During the workshops, the data collected based on Tier 2 IPCC methodology was presented and verified, the feedback of relevant stakeholders was integrated and country-specific barriers and requirements were identified. Mauritius has made the fastest progress; the inventory has already been completed and the technology roadmap is in the process of being established.

In Kenya, Namibia and Ghana technology roadmaps based on the completed inventories and including policy recommendations will be formulated and used as grounds for future funding of mitigation actions for the RAC sector. The GCAI is implemented by GIZ and funded by the Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) in Namibia and Mauritius and BMUB in Kenya and Ghana.