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Data update on Green Cooling Initiative Website: time series now until 2050

01.10.2017 , News :

The GCI has updated its emissions data projections. Global predictions of individual countries' RAC emissions now include data until 2050, and reflect emerging trends in technology choices. Data can be accessed at here.

The updated RAC emissions data was developed using projections of energy efficiency which take into account recent studies on Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratios and the general trend to adopt Minimum Energy Performance standards. Moreover, the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phase-down schedule of the European Union under the Kigali Amendment was included in the Business-as-Usual scenario, showing the emission reduction resulting from the mandated transition to non-HFC technologies.

The RAC emissions estimates are based on stock and sales figures that are modelled using multiple predictors for these sectors, where such predictors were available (split residential air conditioners, car air conditioners and domestic refrigerators). The remaining sectors are modeled based on the ratios of refrigeration and air conditioning systems per inhabitants.