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GHG-inventories in the RAC&F sectors – opportunities and challenges for accelerated climate action

01.10.2017 , News :

During the 39th Meeting of the OEWG to the Montreal Protocol, policy makers from developing countries gathered to learn more about greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories in the RAC & foam sectors (RAC&F). The side event outlined the respective inventory methodology and the various co-benefits of such an inventory beyond determining the sector's GHG emissions.

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In order to reduce HFC and CO2 emissions from the RAC&F sector and hereby complying with international climate goals, representatives from Ghana and Mauritius, two African frontrunners who have completed their inventories, shared their lessons learnt and benefits from the process. Ghana emphasized the usefulness and applicability of the results, e.g. using the data for the design of a RAC chapter in its nationally determined contributions (NDCs). Mauritius acknowledged the possibility to predict future scenarios or consumption trends. This will help in designing a roadmap for the phased replacement of HFC refrigerants and accelerating energy efficiency of appliances.

The side event was organized by Proklima of the GIZ and funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the BMUB.