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Green chillers start operations in University and polytechnic schools in Indonesia

01.12.2017 , News :

On behalf of Germany's BMUB, the Green Chillers NAMA project provides technical advice on climate friendly and energy-efficient cooling systems and cold supply in Indonesian Industry and Commerce.

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One of the project's objective is to assist in the planning, commission and monitoring of climate-friendly hydrocarbon chillers in various fields of application. In cooperation with the local chiller manufacturer Aicool (P.T. Graha Mandiri Teknik), the project has successfully placed a 200kW chiller at the University of Indonesia in the country's capital Jakarta to supply the University's auditorium with cool air.

Another two cooling systems were placed in the polytechnic schools in Bandung and Bali, mainly to train refrigeration apprentices on safe handling of hydrocarbon cooling systems. All systems are designed to perform energy-efficient with the natural hydrocarbon refrigerant MC-22 (Propane), locally produced by the national oil and gas cooperation P.T. Pertamina, the biggest stated-owned enterprise of Indonesia. Convinced of the technology, the oil and gas producer already ordered hydrocarbon chillers over 50 ducted splits for air conditioning of its Headquarter.