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Workshop on the disposal of ODS at the World Resources Forum (WRF)

01.12.2017 , News :

In October, GIZ Proklima participated at the World Resource Forum (WRF) in Geneva: The WRF serves as a platform fostering knowledge exchange on resources management amongst private, public and civil sector. Amongst 60 submissions, the recently published "Manual Dismantling of Refrigerators and Air Conditioners" within the project was selected to be presented during the scientific sessions of the WRF.

Following the scientific sessions, GIZ Proklima organized a workshop (opens in a new window) on ODS Banks Management including two case studies from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ghana and Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia (MADS Colombia). MADS Colombia presented the successful implementation of ODS banks management, collection, recovery and destruction of substances and old equipment in Colombia (starting with domestic refrigerators) and to promote awareness raising campaigns for the civil society.

Ghana on the other hand, show cased the public and private sector negotiations and actions on ODS waste management particularly for foams from old fridges as well as the financing and regulatory framework. Finally, Ghana highlighted the countries progress achieved with regard to tax exemptions for the import of ozone friendly substances and products.

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