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How to know what refrigerant is in your fridge? – Grenada’s new label makes green cooling easy to spot!

02.07.2018 , News :

Grenada's National Ozone Unit (NOU) together with GIZ Proklima's project C4, with financial support from the German BMU under the IKI, promotes the use of natural refrigerants in refrigeration systems and advance energy efficiency through a new green cooling label. Two local retailers already joined the initiative on the Caribbean island state of Grenada.

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Now found on Grenada's refrigerators: the recently developed green cooling label for devices running on environmentally friendly refrigerants. © GIZ Proklima

Consumers and local retailers alike are often not aware of which refrigerator is environmentally friendly. With a new label, it is now easy to identify which refrigerators are charged with natural refrigerant, such as hydrocarbons. Exhibiting negligible global warming potentials, these refrigerants are not only more environmental friendly, but have additional advantages such as higher energy efficiency, lower refrigerant charge, longer lifetime and quieter operation.

The initiative that started in May 2018 and was first piloted with the two companies Courts Grenada Limited (UNICOMER) and L. A. Purcell, has now also expanded to air conditioning technologies. Besides raising awareness and promoting appliances with negligible global warming potential, the NOU aims to involve more retailers and suppliers, with the aim of eventually making Grenada the first f-gas-free Caribbean island.