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R290 Cold Store for fresh Fish at La­ke Vi­co­ria, Ke­nya

02.07.2018 , News :

In June 2018, the installation of a new cold store using the natural refrigerant R290 in Kenya was successfully completed. The cold store will create an unbroken cold chain from the fisheries over transportation boats to the consumer and is state of the art in this part of the country.  

The cold store at Lakeview Fisheries, Mfangano Island, Kisumu was installed by the GCI in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Kenya (opens in a new window)and the company Lakeview Fisheries (opens in a new window). The cold store will play an important role in reducing food losses and improve fish quality, and therefore ensure better food security and market access in the area. 

The climate friendly cold store is equipped with energy-efficient refrigeration appliances with the natural refrigerant R290 and insulated with cold room panels with low GWP foam blowers. Uninterrupted cold chains remain a challenge for Kenya and further assistance for more cold stores of this nature are needed. The Deutsche Welle video “A startup for fresh fish in Kenya” (opens in a new window)shows impressively the effects of the project and gives a good insight into the fishing and cold chain challenges in the African country.

The GCI is funded by the BMU via its IKI and implemented by GIZ Proklima.