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#WatchMeWork: Recognizing women in the Grenadian RAC sector as part of World Ozone Day activities

01.10.2018 , News :

The National Ozone Unit (NOU) of Grenada with the support of the Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4) project celebrated World Ozone Day on the 17th September, 2018 under the topic "Watch Me Work: Recognizing Women in the RAC Sector".

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Female technician installs environment-friendly air conditioning system with natural refrigerant R290

The Grenadian RAC sector is dominated mostly by male technicians. Estimates indicate one female to approximately 30 male technicians, representing approximately 3% of the sector. In order to highlight the contributions of females in the industry, the world ozone day's activities were centered around three main sessions to encourage and showcase their valuable contributions.

The first session was a seminar for female RAC technicians. This session featured females from institutions around Grenada sharing their experiences as women working in male dominated technical fields. The second session was a practical session, entitled "Watch Me Work", where the female technicians completed technical tasks using new and conventional methods, keeping in line with best practice and safety procedures. The final event of the day was a recognition and award ceremony.

The C4 project is implemented by the National Ozone Unit (NOU) in the Energy Division of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation of Grenada in cooperation with GIZ. It is funded by the BMU as part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI).