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Cool cli­ma­te ac­tion in Co­lom­bia

01.04.2019 , News :

The NAMA Support Project (NSP) for Colombian domestic refrigeration was officially launched. The NSP, implemented jointly by the Ozone Technical Unit (UTO), the Colombian Ministry of Environment and GIZ, aims to catalyse transformational change in the domestic refrigeration industry in Colombia.

The objectives of the NSP focus on the substitution of low energy efficient fridges, the transformation of production lines, as well as the development of an adequate waste disposal infrastructure. An estimated 1.3million people will benefit from the substitution of 300,000 fridges, which will generate life-time emission savings of 13.7 Mt CO2eq. These emission savings account for approximately 7% of the total emissions from thermal electricity generation in Colombia in the next 20 years.

For Leidy Suarez, chief coordinator of UTO, the project “on the one hand, will contribute significantly to Colombia’s Montreal Protocol commitments and its 2030 GHG emission reduction goals; while on the other hand, from an economic point of view, the project will also help transform the productive sector in Colombia through helping its domestic refrigeration industry achieve higher energy efficiency in its products”.