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Perspectives on the market uptake of R290 split ACs

01.04.2019 , News :

The German trade journal for refrigeration and air conditioning “Kälte, Klima Aktuell” published in its last edition an interview (available in German) about the prospects of R290 split ACs in Europe and worldwide.

In efforts to reduce the climate impact of air conditioners, R290 split AC units present a valuable option. Training of technicians, implementation of adapted standards and end-user targeted information policy are essential for the worldwide rollout of this technology.

In this interview, Philipp Munzinger, project manager with GIZ Proklima (opens in a new window), highlights the rising need for low-GWP alternatives for room air conditioning with regards to national and international regulations on F-gases. Providing insights of the successful market introduction of R290 split ACs in India, Mr. Munzinger suggests large potential for replication in other countries. He calls on the manufacturers to take the next steps in preparing the servicing infrastructure and marketing the new product.

Furthermore, Meinolf Gringel, the head of the RAC testing facility from engineering firm DMT Group, was interviewed about his practical experiences of installing and servicing a R290 split AC demo unit. He urges the RAC industry to implement the already adopted technical standards. Both experts underline that the proper training and certification of AC technicians are the key to the safe use of flammable refrigerants in AC technology.