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Webinar on the environmentally-friendly disposal of cooling appliances

01.10.2019 , News :

Under the E-Waste Webinar series of the BMZ sectoral programme "Concepts for sustainable solid waste management" and in cooperation with the "Solving the E-Waste Problem" (StEP) initiative, the ODS Banks project and core elements of the manual dismantling of refrigeration and air conditioning systems were presented on the 5th of September.

The target audience of the Webinar series were recycling companies and technicians from developing countries. Around 25 people took part in the webinar, representing Latin America, Asia and Africa. On behalf of Proklima, Miriam Frisch presented an introduction to ODS banks management and the related project at GIZ. She gave an overview of the problematics of ODS banks management, as well as the necessary framework conditions to secure a successful management.

The second part of the webinar was held by Rolf Huehren, a technical expert from HEAT (opens in a new window). He presented the important technical considerations of WEEE management. Amongst them were the importance and advantages of end-of-life (EOL) management of other hazardous substances, the necessary equipment for WEEE management and an overview of processing stages of a refrigerant. He also explained how to manually dismantle RAC appliances, the further processing and separation of extracted components and the final disposal.

The seminar was well received, participants thanked for the insightful collaboration and asked many questions, ranging from technical aspects to general project information.