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"We saw a need for companies and people to connect and continue to do business"

11.08.2020 , News :

Shecco is launching world’s first virtual tradeshow on natural refrigerants in September 2020 – GIZ Proklima will be hosting an exhibition booth

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The natural refrigerant trade show will take place live around the world over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. Its aim is to connect suppliers of natural refrigerant-based systems and components with the global cooling marketplace. So far, 60+ exhibitors have registered, among them e.g. GEA, Carel and Daikin. "The Virtual Trade Show will bring hundreds of companies and individuals together to exchange and learn about the latest natural refrigerant technology solutions from the comfort of their homes", affirms Pilar Aleu, business development manager at shecco.

GIZ Proklima exhibition booth

Although virtual events are generally perceived with some challenges, e.g. the lack of personal connection, they also have some advantages in comparison to their real-life counterparts: “They are a cost-efficient solution for companies compared to traditional trade shows, as they can save thousands in travel, accommodation and the realization of physical booths.”, says Aleu. But also, or especially with a focus on environmental protection, lower travel emissions are a great advantage.

GIZ Proklima will also be hosting an exhibition booth at the virtual trade show. Our team will be represented by personalized avatars of their actual images. Interaction between us and visitors will be facilitated through real-time chat, audio and video capabilities. In addition to the exhibition hall, there will be presentations on latest natural refrigerant technologies and related topics in a virtual auditorium. Some presentations will be live at a scheduled time, with live Q&A sessions, and some will be pre-recorded, on-demand sessions. The website will be accessible for one month post live-event.

Registration is open

Shecco shares GIZ Proklimas view on natural refrigerants as “the only future-proof solution for HVAC&R”. Pilar Aleu, who is part of the organising team at shecco, hopes that “the Virtual Trade Show will accelerate the uptake of natural refrigerant solutions globally to slow down climate change”. 

GIZ Proklima is looking forward to everyone visiting our virtual exhibition booth on September 1 – 2! Registration for the trade show is open here.


The shecco group (opens in a new window) is a global market accelerator helping companies bring their climate-friendly solutions faster to market. They specialise in natural refrigerants in the heating, cooling and refrigeration sector.