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Cool Talks: "Green Coo­ling tech­no­lo­gies are sim­ply so­me­thing we know and we are good at"

29.01.2021 , News :

The environment concerns us all, so believe Peter Michael Hansen, Head of Global Application, and Frank Elsen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), of compressor manufacturer Secop. In our interview they talk about their motivation to promote Green Cooling and what an ideal RAC sector would look like.

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Peter Michael Hansen, Head of Global Application (left), and Frank Elsen, CFO (right)

Manufacturing compressor technologies for 65 years and developing sustainable cooling solutions for 25 years: Secop, formerly known as Danfoss Compressors, has quite a lot of experience in commercial refrigeration. Its production facility and headquarters were founded in 1956 in Flensburg, Germany. The company is specialized in compressor technology for the Stationary Cooling and Mobile Cooling business segments.

Since 1993, the company has a primary focus on hydrocarbon compressors and aims to promote sustainable and energy-efficient commercial refrigeration systems under the slogan "Sustainable Cooling Solutions".

Mr. Hansen and Mr. Elsen, to start with we would like to know, what is your professional background and how long have you been working in this field?

Mr. Hansen: I have a background in the field of engineering and R&D. At Secop, previously named Danfoss Compressors, I have been working for almost 19 years. Currently I am the Head of Global Application and the Managing Director of Secop Germany.

Mr. Elsen: I am already working for Secop in my second year now. In January 2020, I became the new CFO. Before I joined the company, I served as CFO and later as CEO of AHT Cooling Systems, one of Secop’s ‘green’ key customers, and gained experience in international manufacturing, sales and R&D.

Why do you personally care about the environment?

Mr. Hansen: I simply like and thrive for a clean environment. I cannot see anything good in destroying the environment for others. We should protect and do something good for the next generation.

Mr. Elsen: I can only agree with that. We have a huge responsibility towards future generations and should live up to it. Sustainability involves us all.

Mr. Hansen, what is your motivation to support the dissemination of Green Cooling?

I think it is mostly the moral aspect: I do care about the environment. To me, developing and promoting Green Cooling solutions in commercial refrigeration is a great way to contribute to climate and ozone protection.

Cool Talks: What are they?

In our "Cool Talks" interview series, members of the Green Cooling Initiative Network share their vision of Green Cooling. The GCI Network is an alliance of key players in the refrigeration, air-conditioning & foam sector. It comprises government institutions, international organisations and the private sector. They are united on one goal: the transformation of the cooling sector – for the benefit of people, the environment, and our shared future.

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What would an ideal RAC sector look like in the future?

Mr. Elsen: Our industry will aim for and promote more sustainable solutions such as variable speed drive compressor and natural refrigerants.

Mr. Hansen: Clear targets and energy goals are needed to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gases and in the energy consumption of appliances in the short and long term. However, it’s not only about the industry, but also about the demand for natural refrigerants through consumers.

Mr. Hansen, where do you see the biggest obstacle for Green Cooling at the moment?

We do have the technical solutions available to make a great leap forward: Hydrocarbon technologies and other natural refrigerants as well as optimal system operation to minimize energy consumption. And we do have the corresponding standards and norms. From my point of view, the biggest barrier to the transformation towards Green Cooling is not the technical aspects but the weak implementation and monitoring of the introduced standards.

Image: © Secop
Secop is celebtrating its 10 years brand anniversary in 2021

How does the work of Secop contribute to more sustainable cooling worldwide?

Mr. Elsen: We have a long track record in energy-efficient and green refrigerants projects with innovative solutions for both compressors and control electronics for over 25 years now. It all started with the production of R600a compressors. In the following years we introduced TLV variable speed compressors enabling standard settings with lower energy consumption, compressors using the natural refrigerant propane (R290) and a range of compressors which operate with the use of hydrocarbons.

Mr. Hansen: To put it in a nutshell: Green technologies and reducing the environmental impact of cooling appliances is simply something we know, and we are good at. That’s why we also share our experience as best practices and participate in conventions worldwide. Learning from each other in the industry is an important aspect in initiating the transition towards Green Cooling.

Please complete …

What makes me proud about my job is...
Mr. Hansen:
 "to work for a company, who have and master the new green technologies as the top priorities, and hereby supporting my inner motivation to change to the better for our environment."
Mr. Elsen: "being in a position to actively shape a greener future and to contribute to sustainability."

The most rewarding experience in promoting Green Cooling was…
Mr. Hansen:
 "to feel we are driving a so important element for our common future."
Mr. Elsen: "to receive positive customer and employer feedback on our Secop strategy."

What makes me optimistic that we will master the transition to Green Cooling around the world is…
Mr. Hansen:
 "that the technology and way to do is developed, now it’s just about driving the change."
Mr. Elsen: "the obvious go-green movement of important end-customers and opinion leaders."