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Green Coo­ling Sum­mit 2021 | Re­cap Day 1

18.06.2021 , News :

Find all recordings and presentations from the 1st Day of the Green Cooling Summit. Please note that keynotes are available for download at the end of the page.

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The Green Cooling Summit is jointly hosted by the German Environment Agency (UBA), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The virtual conference addresses how the phase-down of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) according to the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol can best be implemented and accelerated politically and technically through the use of natural refrigerants and improved energy efficiency.

Grid Welcome Remarks

Welcome Svenja Schulze

Svenja Schulze, German Environment Minister

Dirk Messner

Dirk Messner, President of UBA

Welcome Tanja Gönner

Tanja Gönner, Chair of Management Board of GIZ

Day 1

Opening & Keyno­te 1

Keeping it cool, keeping it natural

Three days of inspiring keynote speeches, lively discussions and insightful inputs on Green Cooling!
F-Gas expert Daniel de Graaf (UBA) and Julika Schmitz (facilitator) look ahead. Next, Heike Litzinger (BMZ) and Julika Schmitz discuss how climate protection and international development go hand in hand. In his keynote, Professor Armin Hafner (NTNU) explains why natural refrigerants are the ultimate solution.

  • 02:11 - 08:03: Opening with Daniel de Graaf (UBA)
  • 09:03 - 12:11: Welcome remarks by Svenja Schulze (BMU)
  • 12:14 - 16:12: Welcome remarks by Dirk Messner (UBA)
  • 16:14 - 19:00: Welcome remarks by Tanja Gönner (GIZ)
  • 19:17 - 23:06: Exchange with Heike Litzinger (BMZ)
  • 25:13 - 40:28: Keynote by Armin Hafner (NTNU)

Opening Video

Coun­try Ses­si­ons

How to manage the HFC phase-down

Arno Kaschl (EU, DG CLIMA) acknowledges that there is room for improvement in EU regulation on air conditioning, while Emmanuel Osae-Quansah (NOU Ghana) reminds us that it is always good to start ahead of others. Nidia Pabón (NOU Colombia) explains how Colombia manages the HFC phase-down through an impressively comprehensive policy framework. Meanwhile, Leslie Smith (NOU Grenada) and his team are ready to embark on an extraordinary mission: to help Grenada become the very first HFC-free island in the world.

  • [Video 1]  |  00:26 - 15:11: Input by Arno Kaschl (EU, DG KLIMA)

  • [Video 1]  |  16:28 - 25:13: Input by Emmanuel Osae-Quansah (NOU Ghana)

  • [Video 2]  |  01:53 - 13:11: Input by Nidia Pabón (NOU Colombia)

  • [Video 2]  |  14:13 - 35:31: Input by Leslie Smith (NOU Grenada)

Grid Country Sessions

EU & Ghana

HFC phase-down in the EU and Ghana

Colombia & Grenada

HFC phase-down in Colombia and Grenada

Pa­nel Dis­cus­sion and Clo­sing

How to pave the way for natural refrigerants

Four experts come together to talk about the future of Green Cooling. Clare Perry (EIA) and Bernhard Siegele (GIZ Proklima) agree that the fluorochemical industry has been very successful in reinventing itself. Here, Ole Nielsen (UNIDO) advocates ambitious regulatory certainty to altogether avoid HFCs. It would also help the EU become carbon neutral by 2050 – Arno Kaschl concedes that more creativity is needed. In her pre-recorded message, Jiang Feng (CHEAA) argues that getting rid of the "overly strict and unfair requirements" for R290 (propane) would be a step in the right direction. Despite some differences of opinion, all participants agree on one thing: we need to get it right this time.

Grid Panel Discussion

Video Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Video CHEAA Statement

CHEAA Video Statement

Grid Overview

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