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Event recording: Lessons learned and bright prospects - Green Cooling projects in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa

07/2021 , Publication :

In this virtual side-event at the 43rd Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (OEWG), we talked about two projects co-financed by the European Union and BMZ. 

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Ozone and climate protection is not just a European challenge but a global challenge. However, the European Union is considered a pioneer in F-gas regulation. In order to pass on this early experience, the EU, together with BMZ, supports countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa in reaching their targets of ODS phase-out and early actions on HFCs.

The SPODS project (opens in a new window) in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the ROCA project in Africa are about policy advice, strategy development, training, new cooling technologies and much more. While SPODS is ending after 3 years of successful cooperation, ROCA is just getting started.

The side event provided insights in both projects and the European Green Cooling approach.




WelcomeGIZ Proklima
The European path to Green CoolingArno Kaschl, European Union
SPODS – lessons learned from a successful project in Latin-America and the Caribbean

Mónica Silva González, GIZ Proklima

Maria Carolina Vélez, GIZ Proklima

Bettina Schreck, UNIDO

Kasper Koefoed, UNDP

Susana Hernández Puente, UPM Mexico

Armando Lazaro, NOU Cuba

ROCA – bright prospects for Green Cooling in West and Central Africa

Nils Hansen, GIZ Proklima

Samuel Paré, NOU, Burkina Faso



Bernhard Siegele, GIZ Proklima

Facilitator: Janna Breitfeld, GIZ Proklima

About ROCA

Read more about the ROCA project in in francophone Africa.


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Learn more about the SPODS project in Latin America and the Caribbean!