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Recap: Virtual Technology Roadshow

30.07.2021 , News :

Companies from Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe took us on a virtual tour to their ozone- and climate-friendly RAC systems. In an interactive webinar and video series in April and May 2021, experts reported on their experience of various applications based on ammonia, propane, CO2 and isobutane.

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There are many impressive Green Cooling solutions available in the world and we all agree that the best thing is to see them live on site. Our virtual programme was at least as good! With this first virtual Technology Roadshow, our aim was to bring the best cooling technologies to wherever our participants are. 

From a ministry to the logistics company to the seller of air conditioning units, all have prepared short videos showing their green RAC systems as if you were just visiting. Additionally, we asked the experts in the webinars about specialties, benefits and challenges. Participants were able to ask individual questions. 

First stop: Ozone- and climate-friendly RAC systems in Germany

Before we set off on our virtual journey to Latin America and the Carribean, we have started with a few contributions from Germany. In this first event, participants got to know a mix of different cooling technologies and experiences: 

Second stop: Refrigeration systems in Costa Rica and Spain

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In the second online event of our virtual Technology Roadshow we have looked at three companies operating with and producing plants with natural refrigerants from Spain and Costa Rica:

  • Intarcon: Industrial refrigeration (Spain) 
    Intarcon is a global supplier for packaged refrigeration units and solutions for the catering and food distribution sectors and industry. The company distributes systems that operate with natural refrigerants such as propane, CO2 and ammonia.
  • Roche: Pharmaceutical distribution center (Costa Rica)
    Roche sends biotechnological medicines from its distribution center to the entire Central American and Caribbean region. Two cold rooms with the natural refrigerant R290 store medicines for cancer treatment.  A freezing room is used to store refrigeration elements to maintain the cold chain during transportation. 
  • RSF: Industrial refrigeration (Costa Rica) 
    Systems of RSF, equipped with ammonia, are highly energy efficient and climate-friendly. Additionally, the refrigeration, air conditioning and process water systems are equipped with monitoring devices to avoid waste.

Third stop: Refrigeration in Mexico and Air Conditioning in Costa Rica

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In this third online event of our virtual Technology Roadshow we have travelled to Mexico and Costa Rica and learned more about the use of natural refrigerants in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning: 

Fourth stop: Split ACs in Grenada

In the last webinar we have learned more about R290 split ACs in Grenada. Suppliers, users and policy Makers on the islands expressed their views on this climate- and ozone-friendly alternative to conventional ACs:

  • Grenz Concept
    The company installed the first R290 unit in May 2019 in Grenada. Since then, customers have been very interested in the ACs, especially due to their high energy efficiency and the aspect that they are environmentally friendly.
  • Modern Electrical Solutions
    Founded in 2012, the company quickly became a pioneer for solar energy in Grenada. To keep Grenada naturally cool, Modern Electrical Solutions also decided to install R290 units to replace climate damaging refrigerants. 
  • National Ozone Unit Grenada
    Leslie Smith, Head of Grenada's NOU, gave an overview of the advantages of Grenada's  path to Green Cooling and how the NOU is assisting companies like Grenz Concept and Modern Electrial Solutions in training technicians in the safe use of hydrocarbons. 

We thank all the companies and organisations involved for the valuable insights and their commitment to natural refrigerants. This gave a total of more than 220 participants from all over the world the opportunity to discover ozone- and climate-friendly RAC systems in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Watch all short videos here! 

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For each webinar, the participating companies have prepared short videos in which they present their technologies and refrigerants used.

The Technology Roadshow has been organised by GIZ Proklima (SPODS project) with the financial support of the European Union (EU) and German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).