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Climate-neutral by 2030: Germany only procures energy-efficient and climate-friendly cooling products and services

01.01.2022 , News :

As of 1 January, there will be a larger focus on climate protection when awarding public contracts

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The German Federal Government wants to further expand its efforts in climate protection. In September 2021, the Federal Cabinet adopted a new administrative regulation on the procurement of climate-friendly services and products (German only: AVV Klima). Already since 2008, there has been a requirement for public procurement, according to which “the highest available efficiency class" in terms of energy consumption labelling was a condition for purchase. The previous regulation has now been further developed into an "Administrative Regulation on the Procurement of Climate-Friendly Services". However, energy efficiency remains one of the most important factors. The new regulation came into force on 01 January 2022.

Quote BMWI

"The German government is setting a good example and will be purchasing in a climate-friendly way in the future. In doing so, we are making an important contribution to greater climate protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions."

Peter Altmaier, former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

The further developed administrative regulation contains for the first time a "negative list" to make the new requirements applicable in practice. This list contains products and services that may no longer be procured. These include in the refrigeration, air conditioning and building sector:

  • Multisplit/VRF air conditioners with more than 10 kilowatts nominal cooling capacity
  • Liquid chillers with more than 10 kilowatts nominal cooling capacity with refrigerant GWP ≥ 150
  • Refrigerators and freezers and other stationary and mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment with halogenated refrigerants (if alternatives are available on the market)
  • Building materials containing or manufactured using hydrochlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons

The fact that the public treasury has a considerable weight in procurement is shown by figures from the OECD, which assume an annual procurement volume of 500 billion euros in Germany. This corresponds to about 15 per cent of the German gross domestic product (GDP) and 35 per cent of total government expenditure.

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