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Cool Talks: “We all need to ma­ke ef­forts to con­ser­ve the en­vi­ron­ment”

22.03.2022 , News :

For this Cool Talk, we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ghorbankhanlou, a representative of Enjemad System Gharb Tehran.
The company is a large manufacturer of commercial refrigerators and refrigeration equipment used in chain stores and supermarkets. Enjemad’s staff has more than 40 years of experience in the field and is committed to produce quality products in accordance with the most advanced international standards.
Mr. Ghorbankhanlou has a long job history at Enjemad and currently works as a sales expert and trainer. In 2019, he participated in a GIZ Training of Trainers workshop at ITC Karaj (Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization).

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Mr. Ghorbankhanlou, what is your professional background and how long have you been working in this field?

It’s been 8 years that we are expert in designing and manufacturing refrigeration systems including commercial refrigerators, centralized systems and cold rooms.

Why do you personally care about the environment and especially the promotion of Green Cooling technologies?

In order to preserve and conserve the environment and to decrease climate change, we all need to make efforts to take steps in this regard. Also with the improvement of technology, it is inevitable that we do our best to get up-to-date, establish the upgraded equipment and protect the environment by serving new green devices in accordance with climate change mitigation.

How does your company contribute to making the RAC sector more climate-friendly?

In this regard, our company named Enjemad System Gharb Tehran, in cooperation with the Department of Environment (DOE), tries to utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants. Moreover, the engineers and technicians of this company have passed training courses and workshops in cooperation with DOE, and, in particular, GIZ and the National Ozone Unit. What’s more is that this company has completely removed HCFC refrigerants from its shopping list.

Cool Talks

opens in a new window)In our "Cool Talks" interview series, members of the Green Cooling Network share their vision of Green Cooling. The Network is an alliance of key players in the refrigeration, air-conditioning & foam sector. It comprises government institutions, international organisations and the private sector. They are united on one goal: the transformation of the cooling sector – for the benefit of people, the environment, and our shared future.

Where do you see the biggest obstacle for Green Cooling at the moment?

For various reasons, the usage of Green Cooling equipment is not common in our country at the moment. One reason is the cheap price and availability of other refrigerants such as HFCs and HCFCs on the one hand, and the expensive price of the Green Cooling equipment on the other hand.

What would an ideal RAC sector look like in the future?

The most ideal conditions would be obtained if we used environmentally friendly refrigerants while also minimizing energy consumption by using energy efficient appliances in order to protect the ozone layer and decrease climate change.

Plea­se com­ple­te the sen­tence

What makes me proud about my job is...
...that I always try to take effective steps to increase technical knowledge, and to improve the quality of products.

What makes me optimistic that we will master the transition to Green Cooling around is… 
...that the Department of Environment, in particular the National Ozone Unit, is a serious pioneer in this field. Also, the leading companies in the RAC sector are willing to achieve the latest technology and improve day after day.

There should be more women in refrigeration and air conditioning because…
...the entrance of women in industry leads to the creation of role models in entrepreneurship. Women have high capabilities and capacities. Of course, a review of the statistics shows that the rate of women's participation in various fields is increasing. Women are trying to achieve the territory that was reserved for men in the past, so that in today's world, more women can be found in technical jobs and in jobs related to new industrial products.

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