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Kenya and Ghana take a step towards improving training in the area of HC cooling technology

13.06.2022 , News :

GIZ Proklima together with local authorities in Ghana and Kenya provided a total of 8 institutions with equipment and tools in April. This ensures effective training of RAC staff and informal technicians. 

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Climate-friendly refrigeration tools are indispensable in training centers for refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) technicians. Between the last week of march and the first weeks of april , the Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Ozone Unit (NOU) has delivered RAC tools and equipment to training centers in Kenya and Ghana.

Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) 

About GCI 

The Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) seeks to raise international awareness of the mitigation potential of using environmentally friendly cooling methods and technologies. The initiative encourages and supports the transformation of the international RAC sector. Its work is based on three pillars: policy advice, technology transfer and capacity building. For the latter,  trainings and certifications on the implementation of such environmentally friendly refrigeration technologies are carried out at the local level.


The GCI and EPA provided tools to 3 institutes in Ghana to improve training in Green Cooling technologies

In Ghana, 3 technical institutions received new equipment thanks to GIZ's cooperation with the EPA: Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI), Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI), Accra Technical Training Center (ATTC).

Among the list of items are a refrigerant recovery unit, a manifold gauge, a flaring tool set, a vacuum pump, a drilling machine, a chest freezer and a double door fridge among others.

The EPA NOU Director and the GCI Focal Person oversaw delivering the set of equipment and tools to each institution mentioned above. The institutes' administrators are confident that the trainings with these tools will have an impact on their common goal of transforming the RAC sector to a more ecologically sustainable one.

The GCI and the National Ozone Unit (NOU) in Kenya delivered tools to 5 selected institutes.

The GCI in conjunction with the Kenyan National Ozone Unit (NOU) provided equipment and tools to the following technological institutions in Kenya:

The Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI), the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), the Mombasa Eldoret Technical Training Institute (ETTI), the Kisumu National Polytechnic and the Mapimo Vocational Training Institute in Kilifi.

The tools were handed over by Ms. Hanna Salian, Director of the Kenyan Energy, Transport and Climate Change Group for the Green Cooling Initiative, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, and received by Mr. John Olela, Director of Planning, on behalf of the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, for onward delivery to the five (5) representatives of the training institutions. 

The five institutions received the following items: 12 domestic refrigerators using isobutane (R 600a), 12 commercial freezers using propane (R 209), 12 nitrogen cylinders, 12 2-way gauge nitrogen regulators and 7 complete brazing kits.



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