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Ne­go­ta­ti­on Skills Trai­ning in the LAC Re­gi­on

14.12.2022 , News :

In November and December we successfully hosted a virtual training on concepts and techniques for multilateral negotiations, aimed at Spanish-speaking Ozone Units and representatives of national ministries in Latin America and the Caribbean. ​

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In multilateral negotiations, including in the context of the Montreal Protocol, countries face strategic, financial and technical barriers to actively engage in these complex international negotiations. Profound negotiation skills and strategies can play a significant role in addressing those barriers and enabling countries to engage more effectively. In this context, the Green Cooling Initiative III, a project implemented on behalf of the BMUV (opens in a new window) under the International Climate Initiative (IKI), is organizing trainings on strengthening negotiation techniques and strategies for the international context and organized a first virtual training.

In the three virtual training sessions the 15 participants, of which 13 women,  were able to obtain a better understanding of negotiation concepts, preparation techniques and techniques applied to the complexity of multi-party international negotiations. The final goal of the training was to allow the National Ozone Units (NOUs) and representatives of climate change, ozone and energy departments of national ministries to increase the chances of success of their teams in international negotiations for more sustainability.

Most participants of the workshop brought previous experience in negotiating to the table but coach Jose Jorge Saavedra from the Colombian consulting firm Equilatera provided interesting insights and helpful examples of multilateral negotiations. All participants appreciated learning more about the theory and techniques of successful negotiation.

Through this workshop, participants have: 

  • Learned about the main concepts and techniques of negotiations.
  • Become familiar with the method of preparing negotiations developed by Harvard Law School's Harvard Program on Negotiations.
  • Discussed David A. Lax’ and James K Sebenius' 3D Negotiation model and understand the difference between negotiations between two parties vs. multi-party negotiations.
  • Developed skills and techniques to improve the negotiating capacity of the participants.

"Excellent workshop, provided important tools to analyze a negotiation from an integral perspective , ranging from the consideration of the context to interpersonal relations."

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