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Brazing as a valuable skill in controlling leakages from refrigeration and air conditioning appliances

20.12.2022 , News :

The Green Cooling Initiative is currently organizing a series of trainings in Kenya with a focus on brazing for appliances using natural refrigerants such as R290. This will enable technicians in Kenya to improve their knowledge and experience of brazing and how to deal with the natural refrigerant R290, therefore leading to less direct emissions.

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Team during GCI III training on Brazing skills for RAC technicians. © giz/ Juliet Cheruto

Up to one third of the emissions caused by cooling appliances are due to the refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere (direct emissions). One reason for direct emissions can be leaky connections of pipes containing refrigerant, which is then slowly leaking into the atmosphere.

Brazing is a way to connect pipes carrying refrigerant in a cooling appliance. Done right, brazing can lead to tight connections through which no or very little refrigerant is lost. However, proper procedure needs to be adhered to and additional safety rules need to be known when dealing with appliances using R290 (propane) as refrigerant.

The first of the trainings took place in Mombasa in November, followed by another training at the beginning of December in Nairobi. More trainings, both in Mombasa, Nairobi and Eldoret will follow in 2023. The trainings have been well-received, with one of the participants stating “The training was an eye opener to us, very much considering the experience that I have gained. More of this trainings should be considered to ensure we have technicians administering their jobs efficiently”.