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RAC Technicians in Kenya embrace Green Cooling

23.03.2023 , News :

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) technicians in Kenya trained on best practices in Green Cooling Techniques. The Techniques taught include modules in joining technologies, that is brazing. The training beneficiaries were several technicians from Mombasa, Eldoret, and Nairobi.

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Sitting (from right to left): Mr. Kirui Marindany (Coordinator NOU), Mr Joel Kitili (Secretary Adminstration), Juliet Cherono (GIZ). Others: head and representatives of selected institutions (Nairobi Technical Training Institute, National Industrial Training Authority Mombasa, Eldoret Technical Training Institute, Kisumu National Polytechnic and Mapimo Vocational Training Institute Kilifi).

Good humor, a lot of laughs, pure concentration and dedication. All this was to be found at the RAC technicians training. Here, the trainees were, among further lessons, aided to identify the right brazing tools for specific purposes. The participants appreciated the training as valuable and important in controlling leakages of refrigerants in the refrigeration and Air conditioning appliances.

The training was held in partnership with the local RAC training institutions. In line with this, GIZ procured and handed over the RAC tools and equipment to the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, which in turn, handed over to the selected training institutions by the Secretary Administration on behalf of the Principal Secretary, State Department for Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, on 2nd February 2023.  

The youngest participant yet

Our youngest RAC training participant yet also joined one of the trainings: A two weeks old baby boy. Yes, you read that right.
One of the female training participants joined in shortly after having her baby as she did not want to miss it. Of course, all participants welcomed the soon to become climate and cooling expert warmly and named him "Ozone Baby". With this name, his mission and path are absolutely clear. What a cool little boy!


Future RAC Trainings

With the trainings a huge success in the local RAC technician communities, a lot of interest is shown for future trainings as well. Especially female technicians are interested in joining future trainings, the organizers were told.