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Trai­ning work­shop for tech­ni­ci­ans of Ref­ri­ge­ra­ti­on and Air Con­di­tio­n­ing Sec­tor

20.04.2023 , News :

Recently, the National Ozone Unit (NOU), Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEF&CC), Government of India,  conducted two days training workshop in New Delhi, India.

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As part of phase out projects of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) in India, GIZ – Proklima has reached out to an enormous number of technicians from the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector (RAC) across the country. The traning workshop was held for a delegation of government officials, service technicians and trainers from Timor Leste and Sri Lanka and service technicians from New Delhi. The technicians have been trained using theory and practical modules, developed by trainers and industry experts of GIZ Proklima. The training modules have been appreciated and well received.

GIZ Training module titled “Good Service Practices and Installation of Room Air- conditioners with HCFC – 22 and Flammable Refrigerants” was used for the theory and practical sessions with an emphasis on the installation and servicing of natural flammable refrigerant, R-290 in Room ACs. The initiative was seen as a relevant step in South South cooperation by the government.


Appreciation on hands on practical and theoretical training workshop

Delegates from Timor Leste and Sri Lanka appreciated the learnings of the workshop, especially the use of natural refrigerant R-290, that is yet to be fully adapted in these countries and the respective governments are ensuring sufficient capacity building initiatives as this one. Participation of relevant personnel in the training is a starting point for the introduction of refrigerant R-290 in room air conditioners in the two governments.

"The training was productive, especially regarding the correct installation and usage of refrigerant R-290 in room ACs and we take away a lot of learnings and sharings to be used back home in our home country."

Mr Srilal Kumara, Senior Service Engineer, Ceylon German Technical Training Institute, Sri Lanka

Reference Materials

For future reference and in order to revise the learnings of the two days training workshop, all participants were provided with a Refrigeration Scale and a technicians handbook titled “Good Service Practices and Installation of Room Air-conditioners with HCFC–22 and Flammable Refrigerants” , both of which are developed by technical experts of GIZ Proklima.

"Our aim of participating in the two days workshop and India visit to Godrej is to gain capacity building by training the technicians and future trainers for best practices in effective installation and service of room ACs, once our government approves the use of R-290 in Timor Leste. We hope to return to India for further such useful trainings."

Mr. Luis Belo, National Ozone Unit, Timor Leste