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In­tro­du­cing high­ly en­er­gy ef­fi­ci­ent split R290 ACs in Gha­na

27.09.2023 , News :

In August 2023, 15 highly efficient Green ACs with ultra-low refrigerant R290 were handed to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)-Ghana. The equipment has low impact on the environment and high energy efficiency. This donation is part of the training QCR component of GIZ’s project SE4C, which is financed by BMZ, implemented by Proklima.

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Official handing over of the 15 R290 AC units from GIZ to EPA-Ghana

The refrigerant shift in the RAC sector

Refrigeration and air conditioning technology is of paramount importance in Ghana, as the demand for air conditioning increases with increasing prosperity and rising temperatures due global warming. Under the Montreal Protocol and its Kigali Amendment, Ghana has committed to withdraw air conditioning systems that operate with hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) from the market. As a result, demand from refrigeration and air conditioning energy efficient units based on natural refrigerants will increase. Refrigerant and Air Conditioning (RAC) technologies with natural refrigerants operate at different conditions and their installation requires certain specifications. The project lead by the Ministry of Energy of Ghana, Sustainable Energies and Energy Efficiency for Climate Protection (SE4C), plans to develop a national standard to attend this particularity. It is intended to introduce the standard by mandatory regulation.

Implementation of R290 ACs in Ghana
The project SE4C procured 15 units of R290 air conditioning systems, that will advance the building of capacities and expertise to service and maintain such equipment in the country.  This is essential for the prosperity of this future market. These units will be donated to four training centers, followed by tools and consumables, inputs necessary for the creation of courses, curricula, and certifications for handling of natural refrigerants. As part of the project, GIZ, the Ministry of Energy, and their partners, have planned Trainings of Trainers specifically for the handling of the refrigerant R290 in AC equipment. All these activities follow the standard advised by GIZ for the service and maintenance sector when implementing a new technology: Qualification, Certification, and Registration. Going forwards, 120 R290 highly efficient ACs have been imported (more units are expected as well), for an energy efficiency and green AC demonstration project.