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Online Cool Training: now available in Portuguese and Arabic!

24.05.2024 , News :

Do you want to learn the basics of refrigeration? Do you want to deep dive into the characteristics of natural refrigerants? Join our successful online Cool Training on in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese or Spanish!

The Cool Training will provide you with useful information concerning natural refrigerants and green cooling. (opens enlarged image)

More than 900 persons have already enrolled. Be the next one!

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Course Content

Green cooling consists of natural refrigerants and energy efficiency.

The self-learning online course consists of 18 videos (3-8 minutes), interactive elements and download material. The learners can watch the videos at their own pace: all at once, or one at a day, everything is possible. A forum allows participants to ask questions. 

Participants who successfully answer the quiz questions and fill out the feedback form will receive a certificate of attendance.


Part 1: Refrigeration Basics

Learn how refrigerators and other cooling appliances work. Or, in more technical terms: Learn how temperature and pressure interact, how the refrigeration cycle works, how to determin the evaporating and condensing temperature, and other theoretical background and practical advice.


Part 2: Natural Refrigerants

Part 2 explains the properties of the climate-friendly natural refrigerants propane (R290), ammonia (R717) and carbon dioxide (R744). Furthermore, you will receive practical advice on leak testing, copper tube handling and other usefull skills.


Who can join?

Participants learn how to handle natural refrigerants.

Our online Cool Training is open for everybody and free of charge! No matter if you are a policy maker, trainer, technician, apprentice, or just interested in green cooling. The course contains basic knowledge for beginners as well as information for experts. As it is a self-learning course, you can skip the parts that you already know or that you are not interested in.


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