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Gui­de­li­ne: Pro­duc­tion con­ver­si­on of do­mestic ref­ri­ge­ra­tors from ha­lo­ge­na­ted to hy­dro­c­ar­bon ref­ri­ge­r­ants (EN / ES)

11/2011 , Publication - Technical Publication :

This guideline is intended to provide information for planning a conversion from an existing domestic refrigerator manufacturing system to one using hydrocarbons.

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A domestic hydrocarbon conversion project can be segmented into five key areas: production equipment including installation, maintenance and safety; product involving refrigerator redesign and test; the process, in terms of operator training and safety; the product support and technician training; the marketing and customer education. This guideline aims to provide a general idea of these segments when planning a conversion from an existing production system of domestic refrigerators to one that uses hydrocarbons, such as isobutane (R600a) or propane (R290), and the important aspects that small- to medium-size manufacturers need to consider.

The holistic approach of this guideline makes a good starting point of information, not only for directors and managers of enterprises responsible for technical aspects, product development, production line and training, but also for consultants, training institutions, teachers, lecturers and technicians.