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Natural Foam Blowing Agents: Sustainable Ozone- and Climate-Friendly Alternatives to HCFCs

09/2012 , Publication - Technical Publication :

This volume covers policy-related aspects of technology transition towards natural foam blowing agents and deals with the use in rigid and XPS foam as well as the conditions for conversion and special technolgies. Further, it presents case studies from developing countries including typical challenges and solutions.

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This volume is a collection of articles by experts from academia and governmental institutions, along with representatives from manufacturers, suppliers and end-users of HCFCs in the foam sector. It attempts to provide guidance to those involved in implementing the HCFC phase-out under the Montreal Protocol and all other kinds of climate protection projects in developing countries: policy stakeholders as well as manufacturers and end-users of HCFCs in the foam sector from both developed and developing countries.

Various issues relevant to the introduction of natural blowing agents will be covered:

  • legislative and policy-related aspects, general properties, assets and drawbacks of natural blowing agents
  • different applications in the manufacturing of foams
  • innovative technology solutions, and case studies from Article-5 countries on how the technology conversion towards natural substances has successfully been implemented.