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Video: Green cooling for a warming world

02/2014 , Publication - Video :

This movie explains the link between cooling, climate change and sustainable development!

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It begins with the introduction of a cold chain, which plays a crucial part for food safety: Currently, up to 40 % of all foodstuffs go to waste due to a lack of proper cold storage. The second part of the movie portrays refrigeration and air-conditioning as part of our little "Green Cooling- family", who discovers various uses of cooling in their life and learns about its effects on the world's climate.

Commissioned by the German environmental Ministry (BMUB), GIZ Proklima set up the international "Green Cooling Initiative" (GCI). The initiative is designed to foster technology partnerships and networks between political decision makers, industry and users from developing and industrialized countries. The objective of these partnerships and networks is to actively participate in the transformation. (opens in a new window)