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GIZ office buildings cooled with propane and CO2

06/2021 , Publication - Video :

The office buildings at GIZ in Bonn, Germany, have air conditioning systems based on propane and C02. Such natural refrigerants are especially ozone- and climate-friendly. Join us on our video tour and learn more about the air conditioning at GIZ Bonn!

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3 in 1: energy efficient, ozone- and climate-friendly

The office buildings at GIZ Bonn were built in 2015 (Mäander building) and 2020 (GIZ Campus). Sustainability was very important in the planning process, also in terms of ventilation and air conditioning. Even the refrigerants contained in the heat pumps have been carefully selected. The air conditioning system of the Mäander building is based on 66 kg propane while 450 kg CO2 are used in the Campus building. Both refrigerants are ozone- and climate-friendly due to their very low Global Warming Potential. The air conditioning system based on CO2 is custom-made and all necessary safety measures have been taken at both plants. "We feel absolutely safe", says Mr. Schäfer, technical director of the buildings services at GIZ Bonn.