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Baseline and monitoring methodologies for HFC mitigation action

12/2021 , Publication - Brochure :

MRV standardisation and streamlining as well as accounting of HFC mitigation – including energy efficiency improvement – under the Kigali Amendment and Paris Agreement

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There is a wide range of cooling sector-related baseline and monitoring metholodogies in the context of different crediting mechanisms (e.g. the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or the Joint Crediting Mechanism). These address both improving energy efficiency of cooling equipment as well as reduction of HFC emissions, but not all specific activity types that are principally available. The methodologies either apply a projected BAU approach or a default baseline scenario. None of the methodologies would meet the Art. 6 criteria for additionality determination and baseline setting and could be directly applied to an Art. 6 activity. Therefore, the development of an Art. 6 activity in the cooling sector requires a thorough upgrade of the existing methodologies.