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Feasa­bi­li­ty Re­port: In­su­la­ti­on Ma­te­ri­als and So­lar Coo­ling in Zam­bia

04/2022 , Publication - Technical Publication :

Which insulation materials are available in Zambia? And are they suitable for Cooling Insulation in conjunction with standardised Solar Cooling Units in Rural Areas? A Feasibility Report.

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This study explores the suitability of different insulation materials for the use with solar-powered cooling units for the dairy value chain in Zambia. Rapid milk cooling to storage temperatures of between 4°C and 6 °C, and keeping the cooled milk at these temperatures is important in order to preserve the quality. Good insulating materials play a major role by impeding heat transmission from the outside of the cooling cob and thereby reducing the energy required to maintain the milk at the above optimum temperature.

The work done and the criteria used to evaluate the suitability revealed that while the commercial materials with a higher insulating capacity would be the obvious choice, there is need to explore other technics and concepts using natural materials for stationary cooling boxes in rural areas.