Net­work mem­bership po­li­cy

About GCI

The objecitveof the Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) is to establish a global network, which will accelerate the transfer of environmentally friendly technologies in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors to and within developing countries.

Aiming at a reduction of emissions from the cooling sectors,the Green Cooling Initiative promotes the use of natural refrigerants, the development of energy efficient technologies and fosters a sustainable approach to private and commercial energy consumption.

GCI develops sustainable strategies and solutionsfor the dissemination of green cooling technologies through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration.

This network is a voluntary membership arrangement. Facilitation is provided by the GCI, a project of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. GCI is funded by the International Climate Initiative by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

Net­work mem­bership be­ne­fits

The Green Cooling Initiative provides network members with information, advice and collaboration opportunities to enhance their engagement in Green Cooling. We organise personal network meetings, webinars and share resources with you. In addition, you have the opportunity to present yourself and your best practices on our website.

Net­work mem­bership terms

Membership in the GCI Network is free of charge.

GCI pursues its mission through an open membership policy. Companies, organisations and institutions interested in improving their approach to Green Cooling are allowed to join.

To commence a membership, a primary contact person must be nominated (not applicable for members who sign up as individuals). He or she signs and sends in a GCI membership agreement to signal the company’s or organisation’s official agreement.

GCI reserves the right to refuse membership, cancel membership status or deny participation at GCI activities should it deem the applicant to be inconsistent with its mission.

Members who signed up as company, as non-government or bilateral organisation or as government institution designate one primary contact person to be the “Green Cooling focal point”. This is generally the person who initiated the membership or who is authorised to make decisions regarding the membership. This person receives communication from GCI about maintenance and management of the membership and collaboration opportunities. 

Eli­gi­b­le are:

Companies that manufacture at least one commercially available product or major component in one of the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors that uses only natural refrigerants and has above-average energy efficiency. Also eligible aresuppliers of natural refrigerants as well as companies from developing countries that do not have their own product yet, but are interested in technology transfer and are willing to commit to advancing natural refrigerants and improving energy efficiency in their products.

Non-government or bilateral organisations committed to the promotion of natural refrigerants and energy efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Government institutions that are committed to environmentally friendly refrigeration and air conditioning and that are looking to advance the dissemination of such technology. The initiative to join can come from any interested and authorised person or department in governmental institutions such as National Ozone Units, Environmental Protection Agencies, Ministries of Environment, Climate Change, Finance or Technology etc. .

En­dor­se­ment and lo­go use

Participation in GCI is not an endorsement by GCI of the member organisation’s or companies’ policies or practices. Members must not use a statement regarding GCI membership as an endorsement.

The GCI logo and word mark must not be used without permission, nor may they be used as a statement of endorsement.

To obtain permission to use the word mark or logo, please contact network[at]green-cooling-initiative[dot]org. The logo and word mark must not be used by members after membership expiration or cancellation.

Pri­va­cy po­li­cy

Interested persons may send their data to the network via the membership application form on this website. Your data will be collected by GIZ Proklima allowing us to keep in touch with the members, partners and interested parties.

Your data will not be passed on to third parties.

GIZ uses appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure your data against unintentional or intentional falsification, destruction, loss or access by unauthorised persons.

The data will be used exclusively for the declared purposes. Any other use will always be dependent on your consent being obtained again.

The person signing this declaration is entitled to enquire about his/her personal data, to have the data corrected if necessary, and to demand that the data be erased. The data will then be erased. The consent given to use personal data can also be revoked at any time.

GCI reserves the right to update and amend the contents of this document at any time. If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us.