Quick self-analysis to evaluate cooling sector-related targets and measures included in NDCs


This quick self-ana­ly­sis includes all policy options contained in the guideline "Raising ambition in NDCs through holistic mitigation approaches in the cooling sector – Guidance for policymakers" published by GIZ in 2022.
The objective is to enable decision-makers to do a self-analysis of the cooling sector-related measures included in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) or to be included in future updated NDCs. The tool follows the same logic and structure as presented in the guideline. Thus, a more detailed description of each measure is provided there.  
The tool does not claim to do an in-depth analysis of NDCs in the refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) sector, nor can it take into account specific country circumstances. Therefore, the ambition level resulting from the selected measures can only indicate whether the measures are going in the right direction.

Instructions for use

Step 1: Selection of country category
In order to reflect different country contexts and to identify appropriate measures, including the level of ambition, the analysis is based on three country categories reflecting the typical appliances or sub-sectors found in the national contexts. Those can be linked to the annual refrigerant consumption. Please answer the questions to obtain the category for your country and click "Continue". The result is automatically displayed above the questions in the next step.

Step 2: Selection of targets/measures
Please answer the questions and select all measures or targets included or to be included in your country's NDC (multiple selection possible). The ambition level is automatically displayed. By using the print page-button on the bottom of the page you can print your selection in step 2 to save your analysis.

Your ambition levels are reflected by colour coding

  • red: ambition of mitigation measure considered low
  • yellow: ambition of mitigation measure considered medium
  • green: ambition of mitigation measure considered high

Quick self-analysis of RAC sector NDCs

Step 1: Determine your country category

Refrigerant & equipment supply/ production
Key sub-sectors

We assume that cooling and refrigeration is used in residential and commercial settings.

Fields marked with asterisks ("*") are required

For a more detailed self-analysis, please download the benchmarking tool here for your free use:
Benchmarking tool for the RAC sector - Green Cooling Initiative (green-cooling-initiative.org) (opens in a new window)