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C4 project on the home stretch

18.12.2020 , Noticias :

The project 'Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4)' started in 2016 and will expire at the end of June 2021 after the partner countries Costa Rica, Grenada, Iran, Philippines and Vietnam have successfully developed strategies to reduce greenhouse gases in the RAC sector.

(abre la imagen ampliada)GIZ/ Curllan Bhola
Cool Training 'Fit for Splits' in Grenada, 2019

Measures for the sustainable transformation of the sector have been implemented in all countries. Building on the promising results of C4, a succeeding project is in the planning. We would like to take this as an opportunity to give a brief review of the project results of C4.

Policy advice: Establishment of RAC GHG inventories and strategies

For five of the six partner countries (Philippines, Costa Rica, Grenada, Iran, Vietnam) RAC GHG inventories were published. The RAC GHG inventories serve as a basis in establishing and implementing target-oriented mitigation strategies and thereby advancing NDCs. In all three countries Costa Rica, the Philippines and Grenada, the RAC sector has been included into the revised NDCs (only Grenada has officially submitted them so far).

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