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Pro­duct EKO.E-I/ST/AS 201

Subsectores: Commercial Refrigeration

R290 Natural Chiller for CO2 transcritical application in supermarkets The CO2 installations in transcritical application, significantly reduce their performance in the presence of high ambient temperatures, a typical situation of warmer European countries. Euroklimat offers its Propane powered chillers for this situation. Even in the specific case of transcritical CO2 installations, the performances can significantly improve by subcooling the gas after the “gas cooler”. Hence, Euroklimat’s proposal to use special chillers purposely designed for this application. In particular, the use of a natural refrigerant such as Propane (R290 is a hydrocarbon present in nature and not a chemical synthesis) fits in well with the use of another natural refrigerant such as CO2 giving the whole system a high “ecological” content as well as a secure focus on energy efficiency. Carrefour has adopted this solution already using it in four supermarkets in Europe. Several seasons have passed since the first installations and some control system operators have expressed very favorable judgments and satisfaction with the results achieved, especially in summer. Refrigerant: R290 (Propane) Cooling capacity: 45,0 kW Energy efficiency rating: 3,50


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