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Company Subsectores: Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration

Manufacturer of high quality water chillers and precision air conditioning

Euroklimat creates the right products for industrial and technological applications for the specific needs of their customers. Technological experience, deep market knowledge and the ability to respond flexibly to different products and customer’s specific needs made Euroklimat a company with an international feel: more than 80% of products are exported. Euroklimat products, high-impact technology, reveal the special attention of the design, used to save energy and respect for the environment.

Country: Italy

Ejemplos de buenas prácticas

  • Buenas prácticasProduct: EKO.E – RKO.E

    Natural Ecological Efficient and Reliable Chiller Solutions The EKO.E - RKO.E line ranges from 10-1290 kW and is an all natural chiller solution. The system uses the hydrocarbon R290 as refrigerant, which is both...

  • Buenas prácticasProduct: EKO.E-I/ST/SP 2X41

    R290 Natural Chiller for Server Room sustainable application Besides its longstanding tradition in the construction of systems for technological plants, Euroklimat has great expertise in finding ad hoc solutions to...

  • Buenas prácticasProduct EKO.E-I/ST/AS 201

    R290 Natural Chiller for CO2 transcritical application in supermarkets The CO2 installations in transcritical application, significantly reduce their performance in the presence of high ambient temperatures, a typical...