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Pro­duct: EKO.E-I/ST/SP 2X41

Subsectores: Chillers

R290 Natural Chiller for Server Room sustainable application Besides its longstanding tradition in the construction of systems for technological plants, Euroklimat has great expertise in finding ad hoc solutions to solve special problems. In this particular case, the client’s Server Room is located in Birmingham and the installation consists of two small water refrigerators 10 kW each that are completely different, but which have the characteristic of being installed on the same structure, working in standby with each other. The automatism for managing the switchover in the event of a failure is controlled externally by the centralised control systems of the computer centre. The “safety” and “continuity” of the supply of the cooling energy are fundamental for the John Lewis Partnership in this context, but, together with this, we mustn’t forget the use of natural refrigerants, such as Propane to safeguard the environment, an indisputable request from clients and one of Euroklimat’s product strengths, too. Refrigerant: R290 (Propane) Cooling capacity: 2 x 10 kW (100% total redundancy) Energy efficiency rating: 3,47


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