Subsectors: Transport Refrigeration

pbx‘s transport-refrigeration solution - ecos - has been developed for temperature logistic businesses to ship temperature-sensitive goods - food and pharmaceuticals - in a clean, safe and efficient way. ecos is designed for (electric) light commercial vehicles and combines cutting-edge hardware with advanced AI algorithms. pbx's hybrid-refrigeration system ecos uses natural refrigerant, propane, in a low-charge system architecture. Fleet emissions are reduced by a remarkable 93%. ecos is 50% lighter than other solutions with the same cooling capacity, increasing the payload of the refrigerated electric LCV by 15%. Its energy-efficiency is 25% higher than incumbent solutions. Zero planned maintenance maximises the unit availability while minimising total cost of ownership. The plug-and-run capabilities require no refrigeration knowledge, thus make it accessible and scalable worldwide.


  • Member PBX GmbH

    pbx is an international high-tech company based in Austria leading the way of depolluting the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. pbx develops and manufactures transport refrigeration systems using natural...