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Company Subsectors: Transport Refrigeration

pbx is an international high-tech company based in Austria leading the way of depolluting the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. pbx develops and manufactures transport refrigeration systems using natural refrigerants.

pbx technologies fuse three disruptive approaches for a fully integrated, digital and clean cold-chain transportation: i) ultra-low charge hybrid-refrigeration system based on natural refrigerant - R290 (propane) designed for battery-electric vehicles replacing current high-GWP refrigerants, ii) its digital-twin built on advanced IOT-capabilities and a physics-informed machine learning techniques for operational excellence, iii) a clean-cooling-as-a-service business model for the transport refrigeration sector driving the circular economy approach.

At pbx, we are committed to creating a better and sustainable world for future generations, solving real world problems.

Country: Austria

Best Practices

  • Best Practiceecos M24

    pbx‘s transport-refrigeration solution - ecos - has been developed for temperature logistic businesses to ship temperature-sensitive goods - food and pharmaceuticals - in a clean, safe and efficient way. ecos is designed...