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The air con­di­tio­n­ing sys­tem to we­ar

Employees suffer from heat at their workplaces. Consequently, health problems and accident rates increase. But also the companies suffer from losses of productivity caused by heat. Stay cool at work with E.COOLINE cooling vests, cooling headgear as well as arm and leg coolers when temperatures rise over 26°C. This works at working places outdoors and indoors. The temperature load can be decreased by up to 12 °C on the skin which leads to a lower body core temperature and better health. In the meantime insurances as well as working associations recommend this alternative to air conditiong systems or other harmful technical solutions. Especially outdoors it is the only possibility. With the products of E.COOLINE you can not only save up to 90% CO2 compared with air conditioning systems but you use a carbon neutral product also at workplaces outdoors.



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    More and more people are suffering from heat stress and need health protection against high temperatures. The active cooling technology COOLINE SX3 used in E.COOLINE products is transforming heat into cooling energy with...