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Company Subsectors: Unitary air conditioning

More and more people are suffering from heat stress and need health protection against high temperatures. The active cooling technology COOLINE SX3 used in E.COOLINE products is transforming heat into cooling energy with the natural cooling refrigerant water.
We have perfected the evaporative system of H2O with the patented smart 3D COOL fibres. This award winning technology is integrated into textiles. You can use the COOLINE SX3 technology like an air conditioner to wear in cooling vests, cooling headgear and more and save up to 90% CO2 compared with air conditioning systems ( analyzed by climate partners). It works in seconds, is dry outside and highly effective for hours.
You can wear it not only indoors but also outdoors where there is no other cooling solution right now. Furthermore you can integrate it into home textiles as blankets for a better sleep or use it in cooling curtains inside and outside of the building. You can use it as a technical textile for outer constructions or roofs for buildings and also for control cabinets for computer systems or in cars to reduce their energy consumption.
The system technology is partly made by upcycling of waste fibers, we use natural electricity in Ulm, we have short production ways to save CO2 and though we reduce our carbon footprint. Since 2013 we compensate the rest of our carbon emissions by a Gold Standard project in Papua Neuguinea for reforestation and improving the social situation of the people living there. Our company is the first climate neutral textile company of the world with a green cooling technology for mostly every situation.

Country: Germany

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