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Tech­no­lo­gy Road­show 2021: Dis­co­ver RAC sys­tems ba­sed on na­tu­ral ref­ri­ge­r­ants!

30.03.2021 , News :

Companies from Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe take us on a virtual tour to their ozone- and climate-friendly RAC systems. In an interactive webinar and video series between 27 April and 18 May, experts will report on their experience of various applications based on ammonia, propane, CO2 and isobutane.

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There are many impressive Green Cooling solutions available

There are many impressive Green Cooling solutions available in the world and we all agree that the best thing is to see them live on site. Our virtual programme is at least as good! With this first virtual Technology Roadshow, we want to bring the best cooling technologies to your home, office, or wherever you are!

From a ministry to the logistics company to the seller of air conditioning units, all are currently preparing short videos showing their green RAC systems as if you were just visiting. Their videos will be published here. But that's not all, of course!

You can get in touch with the participating companies via a series of online events. In short vivid expert talks we will ask them about specialties, benefits and challenges. You want to know even more? This is your chance! Here is enough room for your individual questions!

Sta­ti­ons of the Tech­no­lo­gy Road­show

To register for each webinar, please go to the event pages (links above) and complete the registration form there. 


9:00-10.30 am (Costa Rica)

10:00-11.30 am (Mexico & Colombia)

11:00-12.30 am (Cuba, Paraguay, Grenada & Venezuela)

5:00-6:30 pm (Germany)

Fact Box

Expert talks
27 April, 4 May, 11 May and 18 May 2021
Will open soon. Participation is free of charge.
Fully virtually but with insights from Latin-America, the Caribbean and Europe
GIZ with financial support of the European Union and BMZ

27 April 2021

First stop: Ozone- and climate-friendly Cooling Systems in Germany

Before we set off on our virtual journey to Latin America and the Carribean, we start with a few contributions from Germany. In this first event, you can expect a colourful mix of different cooling technologies and experiences.

One of them are the new GIZ office buildings in Bonn, Germany. These are equipped with CO2 and propane based air-conditioning systems. The director of GIZ building services will talk about the planning and implementation of this ambitious pilot project.

In addition, you can expect experts on the subject of solar cooling and propane in commercial refrigeration. Stay tuned!

4 May 2021

Refrigeration with Propane, CO2 and Ammonia in Spain

Intarcon: Industrial refrigeration 

Intarcon is a global supplier which distributes systems that operate with natural refrigerants such as propane, CO2 and ammonia.

R290 Industrial Refrigeration Systems in Costa Rica

Roche: Pharmaceutical distribution center

Roche sends medicines from its distribution center to the entire Central American and Caribbean region. Two cold rooms store all products requiring a cold chain of 2°C to 8°C degrees, mainly medicines for cancer treatment.  

NH3 Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration Systems in Costa Rica

RSF: Industrial refrigeration

With a low ammonia volume and radiant floor technology, systems of RSF are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

11 May 2021

Industrial Conversion to R600a in Mexico

MABE: Domestic refrigeration 

MABE's goal is the elimination of HFC 134a refrigerant gases and to replace them with a latest generation gas with acid as R600a. A new compound called cyclopentane is used for foams. Additionally, MABE's engineers are developing a new compressor at the CMC plant. 

Air Conditioning with R290 in Costa Rica

Ministry of Transport of Costa Rica (MOPT)

The MOPT replaced its old ACs by inverter ACs based on R290 refrigerants. A total of 20 eco-efficient air conditioners were installed in 2019. 

18 May 2021

R290 Split ACs: Perspectives from Suppliers, Users and Policy Makers in Grenada

Grenz Concepts & Modern Electrical Solution: AC Distributors

Both companies are distributing R290 split units, supplying both private households and companies such as hotels with ozone- and climate friendly cooling technologies. 

Find out why these sellers chose green products and what their clients think of their choice.

Leslie Smith, Head of Grenada's National Ozone Unit, gives an overview of the advantages of Grenada's  path to Green Cooling.

Mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on SPODS

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The Technology Roadshow is organised by the GIZ project SPODS with the financial support of the European Union (EU) and German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Read more about our SPODS project in Latin America and the Caribbean.