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In­no­va­ti­ve Ap­proa­ches to Green Coo­ling Stu­dy Trip to Ger­ma­ny

26.09.2022 , News :

From 8 to 12 August 2022, a delegation from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) took part in a study trip to Frankfurt and Berlin. The visit aimed to further strengthen knowledge and for the exchange of information on innovative approaches to cooling, heating, and energy efficiency.

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EGAT delegation & GIZ Team

In the span of one week, the delegation had the opportunity to visit different enterprises, which focus on the use of natural refrigerants in the commercial and industrial sectors and the end-of-life management of equipment. The delegates also saw examples of integrated energy concepts for heating and cooling as well as the use of renewable energy sources therein. EGAT plans to apply the knowledge from this study trip to the implementation of demonstration projects under the Cooling Innovation Fund (CIF) in Thailand and to efficiently manage the CIF further in the future. 

On the first day, representatives of GIZ Proklima and NAMA Facility met the delegates to discuss cooperation and the support needed to promote sustainable development of the “Green Cooling Initiative” in Thailand. The meeting took place at GIZ headquarters in Eschborn. Afterwards, the delegates were taken to see the hydrocarbon heat pump in GIZ’s building.

About the Coo­ling In­no­va­ti­on Fund

According to Miss Sriwan Buranachokepisal, Chairman of EGAT Cooling Innovation Fund,  EGAT had set up the Cooling Innovation Fund (CIF) to manage the remaining budget of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (RAC NAMA) financing to further promote sustainable innovation and market transformation to climate-friendly and energy-efficient cooling technologies using natural refrigerants. Under this fund, EGAT and the Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) III Project funded by International Climate Initiative (IKI) and implemented by GIZ have been cooperating to enhance the sustainable cooling sector.

During the exchange at GIZ headquarters, representatives of the NAMA Facility pointed out the potential of EGAT’s experience as an example to its NAMA projects that are also coming to an end, showing how a national fund recipient can continue to have a positive and transformational effect on a sector.


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