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Event re­cor­ding: Left out in the cold - the Green Coo­ling po­ten­ti­al of the glo­bal win­dow ty­pe air con­di­tio­ner mar­ket

07/2021 , Publication :

In this virtual side-event at the 43rd Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (OEWG), we talked about the global window type air conditioner market and its Green Cooling potential. 

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Despite the increasing market growth of split-type air conditioners, window-type ACs still have stable markets in many regions, accounting for about 13 million sales annually. Most of these sold units are featured with a low energy performance and highly climate-damaging HCFC-22 (GWP 1800) and HFC-410A (GWP 2088). However, their compactness, small refrigerant charge and simple installation perfectly qualify them for HC-290 (GWP of 1), holding large efficiency and climate benefits on scale.

In this side event we zoomed into most dominant regional markets, unfolded the GHG mitigation potential that would result from a timely transition to HC-290 (GWP of 1), and discussed design and safety aspects of R290 window-type ACs.

The side event provided insights in the Green Cooling potential of window type ACs.




Introduction to global window type air conditioner marketPhilipp Munzinger, GIZ Proklima

Transition to R290 and GHG mitigation pathways

Irene Papst, HEAT GmbH
Development of high efficiency window air conditioner using propane under limited charge

Bo Shen, Building Technologies Research and Integration Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Testing of an R290 window-type AC

Isagani Soriano, Lighting and Appliances Testing Laboratory, Department of Energy, Philippines
Safety aspectsDaniel Colbourne, Re-phridge, c/o HEAT GmbH


ClosingPhilipp Munzinger, GIZ Proklima

Facilitator: Janna Breitfeld, GIZ Proklima