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Spanish Cool Training 2022: Photo Gallery

18.08.2022 , News :

In June, sixteen cool(ing) engineers from Latin America took part in this year's first Cool Training in Maintal, Germany. Our photo gallery shows some impressions.

(opens enlarged image)GIZ Proklima / Andreas Döring
"The practical part of the training has been a very important contribution to my professional growth", said Elisabeth Correa Gonzáles from Chile (right side). Laura Casas Morán from México (left) adds: "And also the part about natural refrigerants, because in my country, we still need a change in the mindsets. I work as a teacher for refrigeration and air conditioning, and the aim is to make my students aware of the pollution they generate through bad practices."

photo gallery

Video: women in refrigeration

Hear why the lady participants enjoy working as cooling enginieers:

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